Python driver for the Taranis (and Futaba ?) SBUS protocol


This allow you to connect an FRsky receiver to your raspberry pi (or any UART compatible port) and decode values
It supports 16 standard Channels plus 2 digitals. (to be confirmed)
It has been tested only on the below FrSky receivers:

  • X8R
  • XM+

Git :


You will need a physical signal inverter like this :

2 thoughts on “SbusPythonDriver

  1. Donald,
    I’ve been trying to create a drone with a Jetson Nano (basically a RPi) as the flight controller. I would like to control the drone manually through the use of a taranis qx7 controller and the x8r receiver. I found your library but I cannot get any information out of the SBUS signal. I connected it up with the inverter circuit as described but still nothing. Any new developments since you finished the project or ideas on how to troubleshoot? (I’m very new to python and Linux)

    1. First of all you got to be sure that you x8r sbus is getting out data. (use oscilloscope or any other serial device to test it). Then you can create the small electronic phase inverter and use, another time, an oscilloscope to test if you signal is rightly inverted. Then you can use Rpi to get the data.

      As always in electronic, you need 3 things : 1) Take measure of what you doing because you can’t see or feel electricity 2) Test at each step 3) if it’s not working, try simpler things on test bench.

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