MasterPi history

This page show previous version of MasterPi.

You can see here how the project changed over time from top to bottom.


#1 :

The first version was very uncomfortable and not particularly easy to build. I think I did it to prove myself I could design something ugly. And with nothing at all than the skin of the enclosure. Nothing inside to screw one part to the other or to fix button on the top part. This was just my almost first 3D print and I learned a lot from this one but it was pure lost.

#2 :

Second version (n° 2 from top) is inspirited by car dashboard I found on Twitter. Don’t ask me why, there is no reason. I just found this shape interesting. Someone say to me after : “Hey your shape is exactly the same as the Gameboy Advance was !Just don’t talk to me ok ?” I quickly realized that I’ll need a pretty much work before it power on. Because I forgot in this version many things that could be practical. Like hole big enough to let the screw driver enter. Or were do I’ll put the power plug… Oh you sure you need a power switch ? Is it not active all day long ?

#3 :

The third was my first working prototype. I passed couple multiples hours to make all fit inside in my cad software but everything worked almost out of the box this time (and still do). Even the buttons was printed with my 3d printer and i can tell i was very surprised by the quality.

You can download files and learn how to build it here :

MasterPi V1.3 and above

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