Useful stuff to print

You can find here things i drawn for 3d printing, laser cutting or any other things I want to share.

Can’t be used for any purpose without my explicit permissionĀ  except for personal and non commercial use. This things are given to you “as is” and without any guaranty. You are in charge forĀ  any usage and any injury you can cause and specially to yourself.

Eyes Screen cover :

download Screen to cover the eye that does not act in the aiming phase of a weapon.

Roll, reel :

download I use this roll to store my wire. Because some kind of cable are sold by the meter and so you need a reel to store it. Print with 20% infill.

jewel tree :

download You can make it with a laser cuter or with a CNC. Pay attention to any inside corner. Due of the size of the bit of your CNC you will have to make “dogbones” chamfer (or corner) to make it fit. File named _dogbones have the inside corner done. Cause this could be painful to do by hand and some software let you do that easily. My CNC is a 3020 so you can build the tree in this size (300mm x 200mm). I recommend to make it with a Laser cut. It’s more efficient. You don’t need to glue it but you can.This one was never glued. I made it for my girlfriend. To help her to forget that I bought a CNC machine. Now it’s my wife, so it did work pretty well ! Wood thickness : 5mm

frSky X9D

This is a great radio for the price ! But could be better. I 3d printed some parts to fix new antenna and a future axis for display. download

display port place holder

0.2 or 0.1 mm layer size. Better idea to have a well adjusted 3D printer. For blocking display port of my laptop and preventing mistaking insert of an usb connector inside. download

Rework, reflow holder

Fix for my hot air flow reflow re-solder (model is 852D+ but could work on for other products). Diameter of the gun env. 30mm Use M6 nut download

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