MasterPi v1.4

MasterPi is project to create an enclosure for Raspberry Pi with everything you need for gaming and embedded project. This project could be printed on any generic 3d printer or can be injected with more industrial process. The main PCB card inside support any needed component to make all thing work.

The product :

A well-produced controller for Raspberry PI (or other singles cards computer based on the same size PCB layout). This controller could be a game-pad but could also be a way to carry your favorite open development board in your bag. We focus on 2 major points:

  • Perfect for gaming
  • Versatile for open embedded project

A quick overview :

This is an accessory for raspberry pi. It’s an enclosure who have the shape of a game pad and contain :

  • Touch screen resolution 800×600 px.
  • Buttons and analog joystick with his HID component.
  • A Li-ion rechargeable battery with his protection and charge circuit.
  • Speaker and Class D amplifier.

Philosophy :

Even if this project is open source, this not mean it is not copyrighted.
It can’t be used for any purpose without my explicit permission except for personal and non commercial use.

Detailed description :

Here you can find what I have want to integrate inside :

HID, joystick and buttons based on a micro-controller ATMEL 32U4 :

Thanks to the power of the Arduino platform and NicoHood libraries. Operation of the HID device is based on an Arduino microcontroller. This way you can completely redefine the operation of the buttons and joystick and even transform your controller into a mouse or keyboard.

Case compatible with raspberry pi and its clones :

As the box is based on a large raspberry pi 3 format, it is also compatible with all clones on the market that respect the same format. I don’t use any proprietary or specific ports inside. Power is supplied via a micro-USB, devices are connected via usb and the display is connected over HDMI. Even the USB connector required for the touch screen and controller is plugged in externally.

Availability of USB and Ethernet connectors easily :

You can play alone or with others, or plug any peripheral on USB ports directly from the original platform. And since the Ethernet connector is also available, you can surf, download and exchange data as fast as your platform allows. In short, your raspberry is completely open to the outside world!

Changelog :

27/12/2018 :

Still working on this project, I tested and failed on multiples component on this board. I’ll make several changes on the PCB and select new component for multiples parts. For instance, powerBoost, audio card, touch screen…
For now I’ve tested power boost IC (here and here). It is a LM2623. But I thinking to replace it with two boost converter (TPS61230 ?) and remove 3.3v and 5v regulator. First things first, I’ll test it before route all the PCB !

01/11/2018 :

Back to business! I ordered an large part of component and starting to soldering them and testing part by part. Take a look here and here.
I received speaker and it perfectly fit between pcb card and 3D printed plastic !
Not easy to find Spring connector for the battery with PCB mount so I’ll have to make some modifications for the next pcb version.

For previous version information please see those pages :

MasterPi V3.0

MasterPi history

One thought on “MasterPi v1.4

  1. Everyone loves it when people come together and share ideas. Great blog, continue the good work!
    To be honest with you I made several changes to this project but never had time to share it on my blog. If you’re interested I can share them with you.
    But I stopped update on this specific model cause servo motor I originally chose are too weak. I chose them because of the low price. It is work well untill you put the robot on the floor and it need to lift up it’s own body.

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