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Hi, long time since the last post. Today, covid containment push me up to put out of my closets my TRS-80. It’s a piece of computer history! It was given to me by skywodd for shipping cost only! He tell me it was out of order, don’t know what the problem is and have no […]


You are in charge for any usage and any injury you can cause and specially to yourself. Candy UK and Hoover France didn’t wanted to send me schematics but I finally found where problem was. I baught them for nothing on LEBONCOIN, french used online maket. Seems to be same brand as Hoover or rosiere […]


Be careful when you using USBASP programmer for ATMEGA2560. Because of a (very old?) bug inside firmware of fischl’s programmer for the 2560, boot code is not pushed in the right place. Even when I updated with the last version, and even even when updated with alternative version of the firmware. The only way i […]


I bought 2 games for a relative low price on Ebay. 8.75€ each with an extra 5.60€ for shipping (paid once). Unfortunately those games was counteract. It is not a big deal for the price but I think I preferred to know it before. This is screen capture of the item on ebay English translation […]


J’ai fabriqué en 2016 pour l’un de mes amis cette machine. Le projet était simple, comme mon ami à parfois des retards de livraison il souhaitai pour l’un de ses client un convertisseur temporel dans le style de retour vers le future. En mettant une date en entrée, elle vous ressortait une date en aléatoire […]


Hi fellows, I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad (T430) to the flies market near were I live. Price was very low and it was in a very good condition so i bought it for my wife to replace his 6 years old X200. Lenovo computer are (almost) always incredibly strong and very well built. This one […]


For a friend of mine, I built this machine in 2016. the brief was simple, because of my friend was some times a bit late he ask me to build for one of his client a time converter machine in the Back To The Future style. This machine will have to generate a random date […]


After couple of try and fail I found a technical way to cut and recreate contact on FPC flex cable. Here some test. And other original side on left : Cut your fpc cable straight. Put kapton tape on back side And put kapton on front side like this : Use your Dremel or any […]


I have this washing machine for a while. I already repaired it a couple of time but for another error code (was E11)(Long story short for this one, it was the thermal sensor of the dry function. It disconnecting itself after a while with vibration. Cut the two red wire a bit and reconnect them. […]


There it is the famous “En papillote” technical way to repair some broken connector. Thanks to Jérôme for teaching me this little trick that makes it possible to remake almost any screwed-up cable. You’ll need some equipment for that, but nothing very complicated. Heat-shrinkable tubing. A stick of glue for a pistol A soldering iron. A […]


Interpolation formula. t is the value moving (could be time). It is your cursor. Or input value from 0 to c d is beginning range of your output b is the end of your range output c is the maximum of your input cursor //linear interpolation function linearTween(t, d, b, c) { return c*t/d + […]

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