Project for creating a hexapod robot. I don’t know exactly how many function it will have and how far I’ll go with it. But for the moment it’s cheap and a easy to build development platform.

Pictures :

You need :

Change logĀ  :

09/10/2018 :
  • Received two DC/DC converter (LM2596) for battery powering. This converter is only a regulator (not PowerBoost)
  • New connection from one of the DC/DC converter to the two PCA9685
  • New connection from Raspberry pi to the other DC/DC converter.
  • Added switch to power on and off the raspberry pi properly
  • The two converter was embedded together
  • Now the hexapi is fully autonomous
  • First test was made with battery test and raspberry is not impacted by any power consumption of motor.
  • Printed new body (here)
  • Can fix 2 servo controller (PCA9685) on the new body
  • Can fix raspberry pi zero with supports (here and here)

You can download news parts here : download



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