I am a technician who love design… Or maybe is it the opposite ?!

As a child I always dreamed of making special effects for movies, not like they are made today but with model, latex, animatronics and other technical devices. Growing up I was pushed towards 3D because “today that’s how  the special effects of movies are done“.

Bryan Brown and Cliff De Young in F/X (1986)
F/X – Murder by Illusion

I worked quite a bit on Autodesk 3Ds Max (which belonged to Discreet at the time, and still one of the worst 3d software) and then also on Wavefront Maya. I finally found a program that fits to my profile; Cinema 4D. My skills in 3D and printing (acquired at the Gobelins school) allowed me to make my first professional horrors in advertising agencies. First in a small agency named VOODOO and then at TBWA where I met exciting people who pushed me up to develop my talents in video animation as a Motion designer. We have all left the big company to set up our own : BLACKMEAL. One of our fresh recruited head up partner pushed me out of my own company and and he almost ruined the company (you can find who is he by yourself, don’t ask me). I started as an independent from this moment.

As a freelancer I worked for Motion Design but also for building architecture and when my schedule allowed I continued to learn electronics and programming on my own time. Finally to return to my first passion, the technique! I worked in the maintenance and diagnosis of high fidelity audio equipment at E.A.R.S. And for a robotics company named STANLEY ROBOTICS who create a automatic parking system with an autonomous robot. Today I’m back to school in electronics at GRETA.

F/X: The Series

You’ll find all my mess here in bulk. It is also a way for me to always have certain information at my disposal and perhaps share the idea that everything can be repaired or manufactured by yourself. In any case, you can enjoy and learning by trying to do.

This blog is currently, and for a while work in progress. It will be written in US

english. But I’m french so excuse my mistakes.
Spoiler alert. I don’t care about everyday people think. You can email me, or leave a comment in article/blog section, if it is not too silly, maybe i’ll reply to it.
Spoiler alert 2. I don’t repair, build or make things for people who don’t pay for it. I have so much undid project in my own boxes to make other’s peoples ones.

your can email me here :